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Showers at Pilot Flying J Travel Centers FAQs

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Updated 10/28/22

Q: How many showers are available in the Pilot Flying J network?

A: We offer more than 5,300 showers at over 800+ Pilot and Flying J travel center locations, with an average of 7 showers per location. Our team members also follow an 11-step cleaning process to ensure the cleanest shower experience possible while you are on the road.

Q: How much do showers cost?

A: Showers at Pilot and Flying J travel center locations costs around $12, but the actual price may vary by location and state/local taxes. Showers can be purchased or redeemed in the myRewards Plus app using various payment methods including shower credits, myRewards Points, stored funds, and gift cards. You can also purchase showers on location with a cashier.

Q: How do I book and reserve a shower?

A: Follow these steps to book a shower reservation:

  1. Skip the line with mobile shower reservations through the myRewards Plus app*.
  2. Simply tap the "reserve a shower" button to get in line, monitor the wait time, and once a shower is available you will receive a push notification that your shower is ready.
  3. Make your way to your assigned shower and type in the shower code before you begin.
  4. Cleaning up after a long day on the road should be relaxing, so stop waiting in line for the PA system to call your number, and start your break early with the myRewards Plus app.

*If you don't have the mobile app, you can also reserve showers at the register during checkout or on the driver Kiosk linked to your myRewards account.

Q: How do I earn free shower credits?

A: Pro Drivers can earn 1 free shower credit at Pilot and Flying J locations after each 50+ diesel gallon fuel fill. You will have 10 days until the free shower credit expires. Shower credits are automatically stored on your myRewards card and can be easily tracked and redeemed in the myRewards Plus app.

Q: What is shower power?

A: Pro Drivers can earn 1 FREE shower per day for the rest of the current month and the entire next month after fueling over 1,000 diesel gallons each month.

Q: How can I redeem shower credits?

A: Shower credits can be redeemed in the myRewards Plus app by following the steps listed below for mobile shower reservations. They can also be redeemed at participating Pilot and Flying J locations with the cashier but to skip the line and save time we suggest reserving and redeeming shower credits in the app.

Q: How do I track my shower credits?

A: Shower credits are automatically tracked in the myRewards Plus app, listed under exclusive benefits on the home screen. If you don’t have the myRewards Plus app but want to know how many shower credits you have earned, you can call guest services at 1-877-866-7378.