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myRewards Plus™ FAQs


Q: What is myRewards Plus?

  • myRewards Plus is a rewards program that gives you more of what matters most when you are on the road: more savings, more points, more convenience and more great features to help you save along the way.

Q: What is new with myRewards Plus? What are the features?

Q: Why is the name of the app changing?

Q: How do I get 4 points per gallon?

Q: What happened to the Pilot Flying J app? How do I get the new app?

Existing Pilot Flying J app user

Existing myRewards card holder

New to myRewards – creating an account in the app

New to myRewards – creating an account with a card in the store

Q: Will I lose my current rewards or points? Do I need to re-save offers?

Q: If I have a myRewards card, why do I need the app?

Q: Once I create an account in the myRewards Plus app and activate, can I still use my myRewards card at the pump to earn more points?

  • Yes, once you join the myRewards Plus app and activate the tiered points program for the month, you can use the card or enter your account number at the pump to earn up to 4 points per gallon.

Q: Something in the app is not working. What should I do?

Q: Do I have to pay a fee for myRewards Plus?

  • No, myRewards Plus is a free app and rewards program.


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