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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What are the most important things to know about myRewards?
    • Keep and use your current Pilot Flying J loyalty program member card as you will continue to accrue and redeem rewards and benefits with it. No need to get a new card.
    • All of your earned points and showers are still in your account and ready for you to redeem.
    • Register your card at an in-store kiosk, with a cashier at any Pilot or Flying J location or online to be eligible for all of the great rewards and benefits.
    • If your card has been lost or stolen, call Guest Services at 1-877-866-7378 to have that card deactivated to protect your account balance.
  • What do I need to do to register my Loyalty myRewards card?

    You may register your card at any in-store kiosk, with a cashier at the register of any location, by calling Guest Services at 1-877-866-7378 or online.

  • How do I get “Start the Pump” privileges on the myRewards card?

    “Start the Pump” is only for our cash, check or personal credit card guests. If you have a payment card such as Pilot Fleet, Comdata, EFS or any other corporate payment card, these types of cards will start the pump. To get “Start the Pump” added you will need to go to the cashier’s counter of any Pilot or Flying J location and ask to add “Start the Pump” to your card. They will require you to present to them your Commercial Driver’s License and myRewards Pro Driver card. After they have entered your CDL information into our system and onto your myRewards account, you will be put into “Start the Pump Pending”. Once that is complete, you will need to pump 500 gallons of fuel. The day that you reach your 500 required gallons the system will automatically switch you to “Start the Pump” and it will start working after midnight on that day. From that point forward, you will be able to start the pump with your myRewards card and then go inside and pay using your check, personal credit card or cash.

  • I registered for "Start the Pump" and my myRewards card will not start the pump. What happened?

    If you have fueled the initial 500 gallons and registered your myRewards card, but the pump still will not start, please contact Guest Services at 1-877-866-7378.  

  • How can I redeem shower credits?

    Shower credits are automatically stored on your myRewards card when you earn them. They can be redeemed instantly at participating Pilot and Flying J locations. To redeem a team shower, both the driver and co-driver must go to the cashier counter. Each person will be charged a shower credit, and if no credits are available, each will have to pay for a shower.

  • I tried resetting my password, but I did not receive an email. What should I do?

    It may take up to a half hour for the reset password email to be processed. If you still don't see it after a half hour, please search your Junk, Bulk, Spam, or Trash folder for the phrase myRewards. The email will be from and have the subject "Pilot Flying J myRewards Reset Password." If you try an incorrect password three times, you will be locked out of the system and need to contact Guest Services at 1-877-866-7378 to reset your password.

  • Am I able to get a refund on in-store purchases?

    Visit our refund policy page for more information.

  • Why are we requiring a Guest’s ID to be scanned when purchasing tobacco or alcohol products?
    Pilot Company is committed to meeting or exceeding state regulation and industry expectations when selling age-restricted products in our stores. To ensure we sell products in a safe and responsible manner, our stores are now verifying customers' age by scanning drivers’ licenses, regardless of age.
  • Does Pilot Company store or use the Guest’s information after scanning the ID?
    We take privacy seriously and retain records of only the birthdate for 30 days after purchase to verify age eligibility. Other than the birthdate, we do not store, use, or sell the Guest’s personal information from the ID.
  • Does Pilot Company accept other forms of ID?
    We do accept other forms of ID as established by the relevant state/province, including a valid military ID card, a valid state-issued (non-driver) ID of any state, or a valid ID card issued by the federal government (passport, permanent resident card, etc.). A valid ID will contain a photograph, date of birth, and must not be expired. The leader on duty can override the function after the photo and birthdate are verified.
  • How will my invoicing work?

    All invoicing with your billing card will remain the same. All fuel purchased at Pilot Flying J will be billed directly from us, you will pay us directly. All transactional data will still show up on your current fuel card transaction report. There should be no difference on your current reporting, except for the fact that you will pay Pilot Flying J directly.

  • How much are the fees associated with your program?

    There are zero fees associated with our program.

  • How will I pay my account?

    We have a variety of options to pay your account. The most common form of payment is an automatic draft from a bank account of your choosing. There are other payment options available, but we will need to review your account further to determine if that is a possibility.

  • How do I know I won’t get double drafted?

    Our credit department is very good with ensuring that everything runs smoothly with your account. We rarely have an account that gets double drafted, but if we do, we will work with you quickly to resolve the problem.

  • Do I have to get new fuel cards?

    Our direct bill program works alongside most major fuel cards. If you use one of the following cards, you will not need to switch: EFS, TCH, EFSLLC, T-Chek, Fleet One, or Comdata.

  • What does my fuel card get out of this?

    Your fuel card will still receive transaction fees from your account. Instead of you paying the transaction fee, we will pay it for you.

  • Do you have any other terms besides weekly?

    If you are interested in our Direct Bill program, the longest terms we are able to offer is weekly terms.

  • Will you need to run my credit or look at my financials?

    We will need to look at some company financial statements if you are wanting a large credit line. Anything over $50,000 per week, will require company financials.

  • How will my discounts show?

    Your discounts will show on the invoice you receive from Pilot Flying J. You will see what the retail price was at the time of purchase, and the price you paid with the discount in place. In addition, we are also able to show the discounts on your billing card reports.

  • What is the difference between Free Wi-Fi and Premium Wi-Fi?

    We offer two types of Wi-Fi at most locations. Free Standard Wi-Fi is broadcasted inside all of our Travel Centers and provides enough speed for email and basic web browsing. Paid Premium Wi-Fi, requires a user account, and can be accessed inside the store and outside on the parking lot. Premium Wi-Fi speeds vary by location. However, you are able to use Premium Wi-Fi for streaming, gaming, and other activities that require higher internet speeds. At select locations where high speed internet is not available, we offer Free Standard both inside and outside our stores.

  • How do I purchase Wi-Fi?

    Premium Wi-Fi may only be purchased while at a Pilot Flying J location. You can do so by following the steps on the Wi-Fi portal or by purchasing at the register. If you purchase Wi-Fi at the register, a loyalty card must be scanned during your purchase. A Wi-Fi credit will then be loaded to your myRewards account and can be redeemed upon successful login. Please make sure to add the same loyalty card number to your Wi-Fi account. Wi-Fi purchased at the register is non-refundable. No purchase or account necessary for Free Wi-Fi.

  • How do I pay for Wi-Fi?

    On the Wi-Fi portal, you can pay using a credit card, loyalty points, or by redeeming a Wi-Fi credit. In the store, you can purchase using any accepted payment method.

  • What are my subscription options?

    You may purchase 4 hours for $3.99, 1 day for $5.99, 31 days for $19.99, or 1 year for $99.99. Taxes vary by location.

  • How do I connect?

    You can connect to Wi-Fi by going to your device and choosing “Pilot Flying J – Free” or “Pilot Flying J – Premium”.

  • How do I reset my username or password?

    If you forgot your password, click the forgot password link on the Wi-Fi portal, and follow the instructions. If you forgot your username, please call Wi-Fi Guest Services at 404-478-7388.

  • How do I know when my Premium Wi-Fi subscription ends?

    After you purchase a Wi-Fi subscription, you will be presented with a screen that shows how much access time you have remaining. Once your subscription is activated, the clock runs continuously.

  • How do I connect browser-less devices (e.g. XBOX, Smart TV, or Amazon Echo)?

    To connect browser-less devices, you will need to add your device’s MAC address to your user profile to authorize connection. Please call Wi-Fi Guest Services at 404-478-7388 to add your device. Each device only needs to be authenticated once per user account.

  • Why can I only have three devices connected at once?

    In order to provide our Guests with the best Wi-Fi experience and keep your information protected, Pilot Flying J has set a maximum number of three devices that can be connected at the same time. If you are having issues with connecting your device(s), please call Wi-Fi Guest Services at 404-478-7388.

  • Why is my PIN code not appearing at the bottom of my receipt?

    In-store Wi-Fi purchases are now automatically loaded to your myRewards account in the form of Wi-Fi credits. To redeem, login to your Wi-Fi account, add your myRewards number and select the Wi-Fi credit you wish to redeem.

  • What number do I call if I have trouble connecting?

    Please call Pilot Flying J Wi-Fi Guest Services with any questions or concerns at 404-478-7388.