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  • How will my invoicing work?

    All invoicing with your billing card will remain the same. All fuel purchased at Pilot Flying J will be billed directly from us, you will pay us directly. All transactional data will still show up on your current fuel card transaction report. There should be no difference on your current reporting, except for the fact that you will pay Pilot Flying J directly.

  • Why will I receive two invoices?

    Pilot Flying J is going to bill you directly for the fuel you buy in our network of Travel Centers. If your company buys fuel outside of our network, your fuel card will send you an invoice for that fuel.

  • How much are the fees associated with your program?

    There are zero fees associated with our program.

  • How will I pay my account?

    We have a variety of options to pay your account. The most common form of payment is an automatic draft from a bank account of your choosing. There are other payment options available, but we will need to review your account further to determine if that is a possibility.

  • How do I know I won’t get double drafted?

    Our credit department is very good with ensuring that everything runs smoothly with your account. We rarely have an account that gets double drafted, but if we do, we will work with you quickly to resolve the problem.

  • Do I have to get new fuel cards?

    Our direct bill program works alongside most major fuel cards. If you use one of the following cards, you will not need to switch: EFS, TCH, EFSLLC, T-Chek, Fleet One, or Comdata.

  • What does my fuel card get out of this?

    Your fuel card will still receive transaction fees from your account. Instead of you paying the transaction fee, we will pay it for you.

  • Do you have any other terms besides weekly?

    If you are interested in our Direct Bill program, the longest terms we are able to offer is weekly terms.

  • Will you need to run my credit or look at my financials?

    We will need to look at some company financial statements if you are wanting a large credit line. Anything over $50,000 per week, will require company financials.

  • How will my discounts show?

    Your discounts will show on the invoice you receive from Pilot Flying J. You will see what the retail price was at the time of purchase, and the price you paid with the discount in place. In addition, we are also able to show the discounts on your billing card reports.

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