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Conditions, Restrictions, & Tax Exempt Status

Pilot makes every effort to keep the prices listed here up-to-date. Pilot makes no guarantee that fuel can be purchased for the prices listed at any given time. There may be a lag between a price changed and the prices posted on this website.

Please understand that the prices listed here are not guaranteed and may not include all applicable taxes. All sales will be made at the current retail price for this location. Please note: retail prices can vary by consumer choice of payment including cash, credit, fuel card, direct bill and/or tax exempt status.

Prices listed are the lowest cash price. The cash price is a 6 cents/gallon discount from the credit card price. The lowest cash price assumes the customer has required exemptions for the state where this location is located. For the following states, the cash price assumes:

Oregon - Assumes no state use fuel tax (34 cents) with PUC# or "Weight Receipt".

California - Assumes cap-and-trade regulations on transportation fuels delivered at the rack level. CA CAR Carb No.2 is included in our pricing.

Pilot is not responsible for errors that may result in the transfer of data electronically. These listings are provided solely for informational purposes and as an advisory service to our customers. If you have any questions regarding these prices or a fuel account with Pilot please contact us at 1-800-562-6210 extension 2699.

Bosselman and Town Pump maintain the prices listed for their locations. Please address any questions regarding these prices with Bosselman Inc. or Town Pump Inc. directly.

Biodiesel and/or Renewable Diesel Blend Percentages - Pilot Flying J will use commercially reasonable efforts to meet these posted percentages. However, Pilot Flying J cannot guarantee blend percentages for all locations 100% of the time due to pre-blended diesel in the supply chain, store blending systems, supply availability, measurement calculations, temperature, etc.

Winter Blending Policy 2019

Travel Center Locations except in Illinois and Iowa:
Pilot Flying J will begin blending a single treatment of cold flow improvers when the outside temperature reaches +15F to +5F. Should the outside temperature reach +5F to -5F; we will begin double treatments of cold flow improvers.

Once the outside temperature dips below -5F; the fuel will be treated with double treatments of cold flow improver and 20% of No 1 fuel. Should No 1 fuel not be available in the market area, triple treatment of cold flow improver will be used.

All stores except the cold weather stores listed below will fall into this category as needed. Cold weather stores will begin treatment when the outside temperature reaches +15F and will remain in place until March 1, 2019, regardless of the outside air temperature.



Burns Harbor IN - Store #445 

Fremont IN - Store #29

Gary IN - Store #719

Gary IN - Store #271

Highland IN - Store #31

Hebron IN - Store #653

Lake Station IN - Store #546

Lake Station IN - Store #1020

Lake Station IN - Store #650

Lowell IN -  Store #448

Plymouth IN - Store #198

South Bend IN - Store #35

Valparaiso IN -  Store #36

New Hampshire:

Bow NH - Store #896


Austinburg OH -  Store #2

Austinburg OH -  Store #694

Austintown OH - Store #3

Avon OH - Store #4

Girard OH - Store #732

Hubbard OH - Store #697

Lake Township OH - Store #700

Napoleon OH - Store #303

Perrysburg OH - Store #12

Toledo OH - Store #15


650 Erie PA - Store #311


Additionally, all travel center locations in:

Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Wyoming


Travel Center Locations in Iowa and Illinois:
Once treatment at any Illinois or Iowa location begins, double treatment rates will continue the entire winter season (through March 1st) regardless of the outside air temperature while biodiesel is being blended.

Lubrizol will be Pilot Flying J’s primary winter diesel additive providers for the 2018-2019 season.


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