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Q: Where can I use my Axle Fuel Card?

A: Our card can be used at Pilot and Flying J locations and locations within the One9 Fuel Network. One of the benefits of the Axle Fuel card is you can use it at over 1000 fueling locations nationwide! Your Axle Fuel card also gets you access to truck maintenance and credit solutions at 35+ Southern Tire Mart locations nationwide when you access your MaddenCo account.*

Q: How do I manage my account?

A: You can manage your account online through our improved customer portal. Our customer portal allows you to manage locations and product limits; access transaction reports; and quickly pull quarterly transaction reports.  In the customer portal you’ll also find contact information for guest services and our fleet financial solutions support team.

Q: How do I know if Axle is the best fuel card for my fleet?

A: The Axle Fuel Card™ is used by fleets of all sizes. Pilot Flying J offers a host of financial solutions for fleets. Fill out our contact form or call us at 865-474-AXLE! A member of our sales team will reach out to answer any questions about how the Axle Fuel Card would serve your specific needs. Click here to learn more about the Axle Fuel Card. 

Q: Does my Pilot Yellow Fleet Card still work?

A: Yes the Pilot Fleet Card is now a part of the Axle Fuel Card™ Program. Your yellow Pilot Fleet Card is still active and receives the same benefits as the blue Axle Fuel Card™. Contact a member of our fleet credit solutions team if you have further questions or would like to request a new Axle Fuel Card. You also still have access to promotional savings at Southern Tire Mart and Southern Tire Mart at Pilot Flying J locations nationwide! These new promotional offers will replace existing truck care discounts. For details on current offers, please contact a Southern Tire Mart or Southern Tire Mart at Pilot Flying J location. To find the nearest location, visit See terms and conditions for more details

Q: What other solutions does Pilot Company offer?

A: Pilot Flying J is happy to announce we now have a partnership with RTS who offers factoring options to help keep your cash flowing and your business moving. Contact a credit solutions representative at RTS today by calling (865) 474-2953 or to learn more about how bundling fuel and factoring services can help keep your cash flowing and business moving.**

Q: There are a lot of diesel fuel card options, why should I choose the Axle Fuel Card for my fleet?

A: The Axle Fuel Card offers a large network of fueling locations, less fees, quick approvals, Axle Money Back programs, AND myRewards points for your commercial diesel fuel purchases! In fact, you'll earn one additional myRewards point per gallon every time you fuel with your Axle card at a Pilot or Flying J location and two additional myRewards points per gallon when you fuel at a One9Fuel Network location. If you activate in the myRewards Plus™ app you can earn up to an additional 4 points per gallon after six qualifying fills! Click here to learn more about myRewards Plus™ points.

Q: What can I redeem with the points I've earned through my Axle Fuel Card?

A: Points can be redeemed for items in store including but not limited to, hot beverages, fountain drinks, truck maintenance items, Bluetooth headsets, CB radios and more! Click here for the full list of myRewards program terms and conditions. MyRewards® Points and awards are not redeemable for fuel, beer, alcohol, tobacco products, e-cigarettes, gratuities, cash or cash equivalents, gift cards, Western Union transactions, Pegasus transactions, prepaid cards, lottery tickets, scale fees, or casino credits.

*Truck maintenance and repair services are offered and provided by Southern Tire Mart, LLC and Southern Tire Mart at Pilot LLC. 

**Factoring services are offered and provided by RTS Financial Service, Inc. and RTS Carrier Services, Inc.