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Privacy Notice for Current and Applicant Drivers


Privacy Notice for Current and Applicant Drivers


Status: Version: 1.0

Prepared by: Privacy Office


Date Created: 12/16/2019

Date Last Revised: 12/23/2019



5508 Lonas Drive

Knoxville, Tennessee 37909


Privacy Notice for Current Driver and Driver Applicants

We understand that your privacy is important to you, and we are committed to respecting your privacy and protecting your Personal Information (PI).

This Privacy Notice applies to employed and applicant drivers with Pilot Travel Centers LLC, Pilot Corporation and their  owned and/or operated subsidiaries and affiliates collectively referred to as (“PTC” or “us” or “we” or “our”)

We are providing this Privacy Notice to help you better understand the following:

  • What PI We Collect
  • Why We Collect Your PI
  • How We Update this Privacy Notice


What Personal Information We Collect

Any PI that you submit to us on a job application will be collected and processed by PTC, where permissible by relevant, applicable law.   We collect the following categories of PI for the purposes disclosed in the “Why We Collect and How We Use Personal Information” section of this Privacy Notice:

  • Identifiers and Categories of personal information described in California’s data breach notification law
    • Financial Information such as direct billing, credit card / debit card number, bank routing and account number, credit history, salary and benefits information, tax and pension-related information and historical records, supplemental information etc.;
    • Health Information such as insurance policy information, health conditions, medical records, death certificates, health insurance information, risk or accident claims, sick-leave records, reason for leaving employment if related to ill-health, injury or disability, the records relating to that decision, health information needed for pensions and disability, etc.;
    • Personally Identifiable Information such as name, date of birth, postal address, phone number, titles, gender, emergency contact information, social security number, government-issued identification numbers, such as national ID number or national insurance number, postal address history, languages, email address, ethnicity, clothing size, etc.;
    • Household Information such as information about spouse, dependents, family members, etc.;
  • Protected Classifications
    • Sensory Information such as voice recordings for guest service inquiries or internal help desk calls, video/ photographic images that may be captured in public areas or PTC facilities or trucks for security or accident investigation reasons, photographic images for company ID or access card, etc.;
    • Government Information such as veteran status, government assistance (e.g., Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) information, unemployment history, employer federal identification number, employment status, etc.;
    • Recruitment Information
  • Professional or Employment-Related Information
    • Tax Information such as marital status and dependents (if required by legislation), salary and benefits information, tax exemptions, tax filing status, etc.;
    • Contractual Information such as work contact details, type of contract, contract details, names and contact information for contract points of contact, etc.;
    • Employment Information such as employment ID number, title, position description, working history and records, working location, years of services, certificates, licenses and vocational records, biometric data, information about criminal background, special scheduling information such as religion or family leave, etc.;
    • Recruitment Information such as resume and curriculum vitae (CV) details, previous work experiences, educational background, certificates, information of general interests, any information you have provided us during the interviews, information gathered from reference persons whose contact details you have provided to us, leaving date and your reason for leaving, driver and commercial licenses, driving experience, traffic convictions and forfeitures, self-reported violations, information related to immigration, right-to-work, residence status, pre-hire assessments, etc.;
    • Work Performance-Related Information such as objectives, performance discussions and assessment records, records of career and succession planning, working hours, PTO and absences, information relating to specific assignments, information relating to misconducts and disciplinary actions, etc.; and / or
    • Information related to employment relationship such as travelling and travel expense data, user account details, background check reports and security data, data related to incident reporting, user logs and access control related information, logs of physical access to PTC premises such as swipe card records, information about your use of our information and communications systems and other PTC’s assets, e.g. email, computers, servers, devices, etc.

Why We Collect and How We Use Personal Information

PTC collects and uses employed and applicant driver PI to fulfill the following specific business and commercial purposes to the extent permitted by applicable law:

  • Analytical Purposes: To evaluate website and mobile application usage, traffic, and purchasing patterns, determine the effectiveness of advertising and marketing campaigns, etc.;
  • Administrative Purposes: To service and maintain account(s) or systems or networks, or for other management or administrative purposes, etc.;
  • Audits and Controls Testing Purposes: To evaluate internal controls and conduct audits for compliance (including those conducted by PTC’s internal and external audit service providers), etc.;
  • Awards and Recognition Purposes: To recognize Team Member accomplishments (e.g., spirit awards, referrals), etc.;
  • Background Check Purposes: To conduct background checks related to our onboarding process;
  • Benefits Management: To manage employee and household benefits, including salary, insurance, retirement, payroll, leaves / paid time off (PTO), disability, wellness benefits, etc.;
  • Communication Purposes: To manage communications via text message / SMS, push notification, inbox messaging, email, telephone, or physical mail for business or customer service reasons and / or to review and respond to customer service inquiries, etc.;
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Purposes: To comply with laws, regulations, and guidance pertaining to equal employment opportunity and anti-discrimination, etc.;
  • Identity Verification Purposes: To identify and authenticate you when you use PTC systems, etc.;
  • Legal, Regulatory, or Insurance Purposes: To comply with applicable law, legal proceedings, court orders, garnishments, government mandates, and respond to requests from legal authorities, enforce law requirements, investigate injury claims, respond to environmental laws and regulations, apply for Intellectual Property protections, administer workers’ compensation, qualify for employer tax credits etc.;
  • Marketing Purposes: To offer additional products and services to PTC guests, employees, or partners, etc.;
  • Personnel and Performance Management Purposes: To manage processes related to employment application and hiring, employee onboarding, training, development planning, succession review, goal setting, engagement surveys, performance management, employee offboarding, etc.;
  • Security Management and Monitoring: To detect security incidents, protect against and investigate malicious, deceptive, fraudulent, or illegal activity or prosecute individuals responsible for that activity, secure PTC’s premises, assets, and information for the purposes of fraud or crime prevention, suppression, or detection, ensure compliance with PTC’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), terms of use, or communications security requirements, enforce contractual terms of use, etc.;
  • Tax Purposes: To assist us in filing our taxes and obtaining credits where applicable;
  • Unemployment Claim Purposes: To fulfill third-party unemployment claims and verification of such claims, etc.; and / or
  • Other Business Purposes: To provide products, services, or information to PTC and business partners, communicate for business or customer service reasons, perform outplacement services, carry out any other legitimate reason such as changes to our policies or in response to an inquiry, etc.

PTC is committed to the privacy and security of your PI. Following industry leading practices, when we collect, use, process, or disclose your PI, we take reasonable steps to ensure it is treated securely and in accordance with this Privacy Notice.

How We Update this Privacy Notice

PTC may change this notice from time to time at its sole discretion. We will post any changes to Each version of the notice is identified by its effective date.


This notice is effective January 1, 2020.