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Shonda Wilburn (RGM in Amarillo, TX)

Excerpts from a letter to one of our recruiters:

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time thus far with PTC and wanted to take a few moments to thank you for all you did. October was actually my six month anniversary and I plan to watch the months turn into years. I have been here in Amarillo, TX for 5 months and we (my daughter and I) think it's great. Everything has been just as you told me and showed me. Your resources were 100% accurate and I am beyond amazed. Coming aboard PTC was one of the best decisions I have made and I would not have done it, it if it weren't for you! I remember you told me "I can't care more for your career than you do. You have to choose what's best for the big picture." Those words stuck with me and they were absolutely true. I know you were genuine in the time and care you took with me. You are so good at what you do because PTC'S of great quality and you believe in it. So I believe in the company and you. I know you will bring many more great people aboard and wish you the best in all your efforts!”

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